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Practice for business Acquirers

We represent Clients who wish to acquire companies, business units or assets of companies in France; we also work with some of our M& partners for acquisition in Europe, USA or Asia.
We first consult with our client to ensure that we thoroughly understand their business strategy, objectives and requirements of the "Buy Mandates", prior to starting the mission.
As former entrepreneurs and based on our M& practice, we can assist our clients with advice and guidance in terms of potential buyers’ profiles, geographic search, negotiation, the due diligence process and also in post-acquisition integration.

  1. Understand the context
  2. Prior to actually signing a contract to represent you as a Buyer, we first meet and perform our own research, all to consider your existing business, your company’ strategy, goals and expectations for a purchase.
    It is vital that we understand the "context" or the interrelated conditions that are motivating you, and eventually your shareholders, and that as a result we can understand what the buyer is trying to achieve and how it fits within their overall business strategy.
    This will be critical for us while meeting with potential sellers.

  3. Clear and Agreed Upon Goals
  4. Once we have a thorough understanding of the Buyer's context, we work with you to define objectives for the purchase.
    These are defined in terms of potential targets (size, situation, geograhies…), valuation, timeframe and fit with the client's business and strategy is clearly defined within their organisation.

  5. Engage the Project
  6. Having completed the first two steps of understanding the context and the agreed upon goals of the purchase, we then proceed to formally entering into a written agreement with the Buyer.

  7. Identity Acquisition Targets : The Long-list
  8. Once the project is engaged, we immediately develop a Long-list of potential acquisition targets.
    We build this list from our own database and research as well as from information supplied by you, our Client.
    This list can include standalone companies or divisions/business units of larger corporations.

  9. Develop the Teaser
  10. A "Teaser fact sheet" is often prepared outlining key attributes of your business without divulging your identity.
    The Teaser introduces also the idea of building a relationship that creates shareholders value.
    After having sent our Teaser, we then contact by telephone, each organisation on our Long-list in a way of preparing a “one to one” meeting to discuss this idea under a Privacy Agreement.

  11. Select a "Short List"
  12. During and after this one-to-one meeting, we further screen the target using the agreed upon goals set within the Buyer at the beginning of the engagement.
    The Short-list will include only those who have been qualified through the screening process and who have indicated a true interest in being acquired by the Buyer.
    We do reveal the identity of the Buyer during this process, under Privacy Agreement, as this is key to confirming true interest on the part of the target being acquired.

  13. Negotiate best Economic Return
  14. Working with the Short-list of potential buyer, we negotiate on the Buyer's behalf the best economic return for their investment.
    The best economic return is not only a function of price, but also of payment terms (cash, stock, seller financed debt, earn out or combinations of these payment methods) and also of other terms of the purchase including warranties, liabilities assumed (or not assumed) timeframe of completion, ability to integrate into Buyer's operation and business and many other considerations.
    Many of these criteria can be extremely important to the true economic return our Client will realise and thus will ultimately be the determinant of a successful transaction.
    The best price does not always mean the best economic return for the investor (Buyer).
    The overriding objective of the process is to complete a transaction that fulfils the goals of the Buyer with the best economic return for their investment.

Don’t compete with others for the company you want to acquire.

Our successful buy-side acquisition methodology eliminates competition and delivers a negotiated transaction.

Engaging TwinL to act as your acquisition agent ensures you’ll receive:

• Proprietary deal flow
• A team of experienced buy-side analysts and dealmakers to help you formulate your search criteria and screen out weak fits
• Pre-qualified acquisition candidates that meet your criteria
• Motivated sellers receptive to your firm’s interest
• Negotiating and problem solving
• Maximized internal rate of return

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