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Corporate fundings

TwinL supports entrepreneurs in their quest for investors.

The private equity market has been considerably developed in recent years, there are solutions for any type of business, whether they are recent, innovative or already well positioned in their market.
Whatever your company profile, the most frequently used word will be "growth". Indeed, venture capitalists seek firstly companies that have a proven growth potential.

  • Because investment funds receive dozens of business plans per month,
  • Because there are hundreds of investment funds, but only a few dozen are within your target,
  • Because you have a strategy to grow your business and an advisor will develop a strategy to find an investor,
  • Because an advisor will bring you external vision of your business and will adapt your business plan and presentation accordingly,
  • Because an advisor is the only way to get the best deal in terms of valuation, conditions, protection of your interests.

Looking for a partner, the RIGHT partner is very time consuming for the entrepreneur and for all its management.

All this time and energy spent on fundraising will not be allowed to the growth of your company.

How will you explain to investors that you are facing incredible growth opportunities and you treat them partially by passing your time running fund to funds?

A consulting firm will save at least 50% of the time required for this research you can spend you to develop your business.

Most of the cost will be paid by investors and only in case of success of your capital increase.

We are specialists in SMEs.
Former entrepreneurs, like you we experienced the difficulties and joys experienced by all entrepreneurs. Then we went to the other side with the desire to provide entrepreneurs the help and advice we did not have at the time.
We have direct relationships with many investment funds and we are totally independent of any banking network.
This ensure you to be advised impartially.
Our sole interest is to get the best deal for you so that you choose us as consultant for the next operation of acquisition or sale.
Our fees are 90% to the result, we share your risk and therefore are really committed to the success of your operation.
For this, we make a real support for your project :
  • We develop a memorandum and a slideshow,
  • We advise you on your business plan,
  • We set up an electronic data room where investors can complete documentation without disturbing you.
  • We assist you systematically during presentations to investment funds.
Then, with you, we analyze the results of the meetings and the evolution of your company during the process of fundraising and we adapt to progressively presentation file accordingly.
When your choice is made among funds that we present, we become the single point of contact for the drafting of the letter of intent, the investment contract and the shareholders' agreement in order to protect your best interests.
This involvement allows you to focus on your business and not conflict with your future financial partners.

Your business is sustainable and profitable, but you feel that to continue to grow you need to address new markets, new products either by internal development or acquisitions.

This is precisely the job of private equity to meet your needs.
An investment fund, carefully selected, will support you financially but you will also benefit from its expertise and network to build your development.
Private equity can step in at the first M€ of revenue without losing control of your business.
You have adressed a high-potential market and your products or services have already met with some success?
You've done a first love-money funding or seed capital and you feel the need to go into higher gear?
Many very dynamic investment funds involved very early, just after the startup phase.
Based on the successful achievements and potential of your business, we help you to build and present your case in the best light.
From the early interviews with the funds, we analyze together their feed-back and refine or refocusing the search strategy.
We do not manage bankrupty procedure.

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