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Services for Chinese and emerging countries companies

TwinL assists Chinese industrialists in setting up their market entry, brand and distribution operations in Europe.
In partnering with TwinL, Chinese companies that target Europe will therefore become more successful in maximizing their total return on investment by:

  • Increasing the speed to market
  • Improving average profit margin on each unit sold
  • Reducing the cost of entry on the European market

In front the amazing development of China, TwinL decided to offer to Chinese companies a tailor-made solution to penetrate the European Market either through Acquisitions, Alliances-Joint Ventures or Retail Agreement.

TwinL's multinational team brings to its operations a unique Western-Chinese blend of conceptual strength and hands on know-how, derived from field experience in Europe but also in China in the Sales, Marketing and Consumer Experience practices.

TwinL, a 20 Millions RMB capital private holding company is your Europe focused business booster. We have gained the trust of our partners in developing the best and shortest time to market for their servicing needs and help them to establish or acquire a profitable business in Europe.

Why enter the European market ?

Your solution by TwinL

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